The Mounth Passes

Mounth Passes - Kindle Cover

THE MOUNTH PASSES: A Heritage Guide to the Old Ways Through the Grampian Mountains

by Nate Pedersen and Neil Ramsay, with photographs by Graham Marr

The Grampian mountains stretch across a considerable portion of northeastern Scotland. The word Grampian is a corruption of the Gaelic “gruaim,” or gloomy, and “beinn,” or mountain. Thus, the Grampians are the Gloomy Mountains, so-named for the clouds that frequently shroud the mountains in mist.

Since time immemorial, people have passed through these misty mountains as they traveled between the Scottish lowlands and highlands. The old ways through the mountains – the Mounth passes, as they are collectively called – are the subject of this book. Twelve roads are profiled, from the Causey Mounth on the eastern coast to the Monega Pass deep in the heart of Scotland. Each route is considered from an historical perspective, followed by a guide to walking the road (or what remains of the road) today. Each chapter is illustrated with several photographs documenting the paths as they have survived into the 21st century.


“This is an authoritative compact guide and the authors clearly have a great deal of expertise in the subject. Recommended for those with an interest in the history of Scotland.” – Alex Roddie, author of “The Atholl Expedition.”
“It will prove very useful for planning a walk and its portable format will allow it to be easily consulted when walking a route.” – Gerald Cummins, in Rambles on Old Roads newsletter

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